The New Cue #78 October 15: Cate Le Bon, Sam Fender, Model Man, Eades, Hak Baker, Jon Hopkins, Efterklang, We Are Scientists, Noel Gallagher

15 October, 2021

Good morning!

Welcome to today’s Recommender edition, where we get to settle down by the fire with a nice cold pint of fresh music selections without the stress of having to make small talk with all those freeloaders who don’t subscribe. This edition is just for you, drink it in.

There’s loads of great music picks to dive into, as well as a brilliant Oasis book giveaway. Here’s a playlist to listen whilst you read. Thanks again for subscribing, we appreciate it.

Enjoy the edition, and feel free to share it with anyone you think will dig The New Cue vibe. Spreading the word is the best (only) marketing tool we’ve got…

Ted, Niall, Chris

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