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The New Cue is a music newsletter filled with interviews and recommendations that hits mailboxes once a week for all sign-ups and three times a week for subscribers only.
It is brought to you by Ted Kessler, Chris Catchpole and Niall Doherty, the former editors of Q Magazine, which between 1986 and 2020 was the UK’s leading monthly magazine dedicated to popular contemporary music.
Delivered every Monday and Friday morning, The New Cue is similarly devoted to the best modern music, with particular focus upon its most entertaining artists across all genres. It’s filled with Q&A interviews, recommendations of new music and lost classics by committed experts and musicians, exclusive news of forthcoming releases, playlists, books, films, TV and podcasts, In The Studio visits and much more. There are multiple click-through options to hear what you’re reading about, too: one clear upgrade on print magazines. We will only feature music or an artist that one of us enjoys.
We hope you’ll sign-up and, if you enjoy it, please tell as many of your friends as you can. We want to build a New Cue community. Tell us, too, what you think of it and what you’d like more/less of if applicable. We are nothing without you: We’ve got more plans up our sleeves…

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Ted Kessler: worked at NME on staff throughout the 1990s. He was on staff at Q from 2004, editing the magazine from 2016 until its demise. Having destroyed print music media, he’s set upon digital. Former shoplifter.
Niall Doherty: edited The Fly magazine when it was really good, but left for Q before The Fly’s death. At Q, he first edited the reviews, then became deputy editor, shaming all with his work ethic. We hope to one day convince him to reboot his gadget review column.
Chris Catchpole: as a teenage work-experience tea-ninja his company and skills were deemed so essential that, over time, he became a full-time journalist on Q, editing the new artists and reviews, charming all. Brings powerful glottal stops and a world-class pout to the party.

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Ted Kessler 

Former editor of Q Magazine who now co-produces The New Cue, the world's greatest music newsletter. Devised My Old Man, wrote Paper Cuts, a memoir published by White Rabbit in 2022. Also edits Far From The Tree: Tales of Our Mothers And Fathers.

Chris Catchpole 

Writer/editor. Formerly of Q Magazine.

Niall Doherty 

Writer, editor. I co-run The New Cue with Ted Kessler and Chris Catchpole, and write for The Guardian, Classic Rock, Record Collector, Variety, FourFourTwo, Music Week and more.